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Manuel Caeiro


Manuel Caeiro

* M I K A D O *






Manuel Caeiro explores the limits of architectural forms in his complex abstract paintings. In the recent paintings, the shapes and lines of his previous works are extended into increasingly dazzling, and playful, compositions.

Architectural imagery and signage have long been staples of Caeiro’s visual vocabulary. Planes and other geometric shapes are his subjects, along with thin rectangular forms like caution signs. In the artist's recent works , this imagery is inserted into voids, removing the connection to man-made spaces. Instead, these new works function like allegories of painting. Some compositions, with planes like stretched canvases, resemble perilously-arranged artist’s storage; in other works, these painting-like shapes appear to topple like a house of cards. Balance, whether making a house of cards or painting, is one move away from falling apart.

Caeiro has recently made a transformative shift from complex paintings of architectural spaces to increasingly abstract compositions that insert imagery from his previous work into the void. Planes and other geometric shapes are the subjects of these highly-refined pictures which imply man-made spaces, but without specific reference. In his newest body of work, this imagery hangs in the air, suggesting an imaginary space, or a void. These compositions appear to focus on painter's spaces rather than architectural spaces, alternately resembling crowded rows of canvases, artist's loft storage with the room subtracted, or paintings falling like a tumbling house of cards. These works are allegories for the life of a painter, who must contend symbolically and physically with his or her own creations.


The artist's use of color planes resembles the vivid, monochrome geometric works of Minimalist sculptors like Donald Judd. Caeiro's interpretations, however, manipulate the plane, folding it upon itself and appropriating it.

This bold move claims the Specific Object as fodder for painting. Caeiro's works make a powerful argument for the primacy of painting; other fields like architecture and sculpture are easily subsumed into imagery for the painter.


Manuel Caeiro has shown extensively in his native Portugal, as well as Spain and Brazil, and has recently begun to gain recognition beyond the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking world. The work of this exciting mid-career painter has revelatory implications for the continued struggle between painting and sculpture, and beta pictoris gallery is thrilled to introduce his work to a greater audience.


Manuel Caeiro (b. 1975 in Évora, Portugal; lives and works in Lisbon) studied at the Gabriel Pereira College of Arts, Évora and the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon. His work has been exhibited at the Modern Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the Barrié de la Maza Foundation in La Coruña, Spain; and the Contemporary Art Museum, La Coruña, Spain; among others, and is included in the collections of the Culturgest and the PLMJ Foundation, both in Lisbon, Portugal; the Banco Sabadell in Barcelona, Spain; as well as in private collections in the US, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and Belgium.

Recent solo exhibitions include * M I K A D O * at beta pictoris gallery, Briefing Room at Ponce+Robles Gallery in Madrid, Spain; the exhibition Totem, at Galeria Lurixs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and YellowMetric at Galeria Mário Sequeira in Braga, Portugal.

A biography on the artist is forthcoming in the Fall of 2016.







Manuel Caeiro


acrylic on canvas
300 by 400 cm
118.1 by 157.5 in.






Manuel Caeiro


acrylic on canvas
200 by 381 cm
78.7 by 150 in.




This painting was included in the 2010 exhibition Terceira Metade (Third Half)

at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

curated by Luis Camillo Osorio and Marta Mestre.









Manuel Caeiro

Nas Nuvens I      Nas Nuvens II      Nas Nuvens III

acrylic on canvas
each 200 by 150 cm
each 78.7 by 59.1 in.





Manuel Caeiro

Mirror 1

acrylic on canvas
200 by 293 cm
78.7 by 115.4 in.







Manuel Caeiro

Windows Dance

acrylic on canvas
150 by 125 cm
59 by 49 in.








Manuel Caeiro

Relíquias Sagradas para una Aventura Espacial

acrylic on canvas
200 by 155 cm
78.75 by 61 in.







Manuel Caeiro

Trompe l'oeil I

acrylic on canvas
180 by 180 cm
70.9 by 70.9 in.







Manuel Caeiro

Trompe l'oeil II

acrylic on canvas
180 by 180 cm
70.9 by 70.9 in.








Manuel Caeiro

Trompe l'oeil III

acrylic on canvas
180 by 180 cm
70.9 by 70.9 in.








Manuel Caeiro

Palafitic Grid

acrylic on canvas
163 by 118 cm
64.2 by 46.5 in.







Manuel Caeiro


acrylic on canvas
170 by 135 cm
67 by 53 in.







Manuel Caeiro

YellowBlack Stucture

acrylic on canvas
145 by 122 cm
57 by 48 in.






Manuel Caeiro

13.000 M²

acrylic on canvas
152 by 124 cm
59.8 by 48.8 in.






Manuel Caeiro

The Finest Structure Of All
Can Not Have Walls

acrylic on canvas
165 by 140 cm
65 by 55 in.






Manuel Caeiro

The Finest Structure Of All
Can Not Have Walls II

acrylic on canvas
150 by 120 cm
59.1 by 47.2 in.






Manuel Caeiro

Twenty-five Plans And Eight Sticks

acrylic on canvas
150 by 105 cm
59.1 by 41.3 in.







Manuel Caeiro

Complex Wardrobe

acrylic on canvas
155 by 125 cm
61 by 49.25 in.








Manuel Caeiro

Four Sticks Between Orange

acrylic on canvas
170 by 145 cm
67 by 57 in.







Manuel Caeiro

It Is Not A Mistake

acrylic on canvas
143 by 92 cm
56.3 by 36.2 in.







Manuel Caeiro

A Condição Atmosférica #2

acrylic on canvas
166 by 130 cm
65.4 by 51.2 in.






Manuel Caeiro

A Condição Atmosférica #4

acrylic on canvas
166 by 130 cm
65.4 by 51.2 in.






Manuel Caeiro

A Condição Atmosférica #6

acrylic on canvas
166 by 130 cm
65.4 by 51.2 in.









born 1975 in Évora, Portugal
lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal


Gabriel Pereira College of Arts, Évora ( 1987-1993)
University of Fine Arts Lisbon ( 1993-1998)
Artistic Residence, in Speyer, Germany ( 2006)
Teacher of Master Class – Évora University ( 2003- 2010)



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