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Xiaochuan Wang



Xiaochuan Wang  -  without identity, rebuildXiaochuan Wang - without identity, rebuild

 November 13, 2021
- January 8, 2022


Xiaochuan Wang

 without identity, rebuild


opening reception

Friday, November 13 (6 - 8 pm)



In this recent series of paintings, I'm in search of my own identity, of my "psychic equilibrium" . To do so, it is important to take into account my memory (my "uncertain memories"), the various recent and past family problems who shaped the child that I was, the adult that I have become, and who still shapes the man I would like to become.
To this must also be added my growing questioning about the environment in which I operate, an important factor in the search for one's identity, as it oscillates, guides, or overthrows. One thing is for sure, it influences my existence, my being.
I try to use a creative method of storytelling to find and explore my position and identity in society and life. These paintings mix history, reality, dreams, illusions, honesty, and lies.
The combination of all of these elements uplifts me, directs me to an original identity, a very specific moment when I was born again.


    - Xiaochuan Wang, Paris, September 2021




Xiaochuan Wang "untitled (Damgam)"Xiaochuan Wang "untitled (Damgam)"

sans titre (Damgan)



oil on wood

33,5 by 26 cm  (approx. 13.2 by 10.25 in.)




Xiaochuan Wang  "12:33"Xiaochuan Wang "12:33"

12 : 33



oil on paper on wood

20 by 32 cm  (approx. 7.9 by 12.6 in.)




Xiaochuan Wang "I always miss you"Xiaochuan Wang "I always miss you"

I always miss you



oil on wood

19,9 by 16,3 cm  (approx. 7.8 by 6.4 in.)




Xiaochuan Wang "Une fille perdue dans le paysage"Xiaochuan Wang "Une fille perdue dans le paysage"

Une fille perdue dans le paysage



oil on paper on wood, artist frame

18,5 by 15,5 cm  (approx. 7.25 by 6.1 in.)